Technical Writing

Services: Research, write, and edit user documentation, white papers, and case studies. Information design and edit for pitch decks, proposals, and books. Microcopy to optimize CX.

Industries: Biological sciences, medicine, wellness and fitness, education, public policy, SaaS

Pricing: Hourly or by project

Content Creation

Services: Research, write and publish sales pages and emails, blog posts, email newsletters, nurture campaigns, social media posts, ads, video and speech scripts.

Industries: SaaS, technology and hardware, consumer products, information products, publishing

Pricing: Per deliverable or on monthly retainer

Brand Voice

Services: Conduct audience research to identify ideal content, tone, and voice to help your brand show up consistently. Ensure all communication follows brand and messaging guidelines. Audit existing communication and recommend improvements, if needed.

Industries: B2C, B2B, software, retail, non-profit, political campaigns

Pricing: By project

Project Managment

Services: Facilitate team scheduling, milestone maintenance and collaboration. Interface with stakeholders to bridge gaps in understanding between teams. Use Agile framework when appropriate.

Industries: Non-profit, software, hardware, production, event planning, and residential construction

Pricing: Hourly or by project

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