Get Clear & Keep it Real

High-fidelity technical writing, content creation, and brand voice. Distill complex topics and connect with your customers.

You’re an expert in a highly specific, scientific, or complex field.

Your customers clearly need your product, service, or information. Otherwise you wouldn’t exist. But you struggle to communicate your value proposition, or even define what you do, on a daily basis.

The challenge: Communicate your expertise and competency without going over your customers’ heads. On the other hand, you can’t stand dumbed-down or gimmicky content.

Backburnered: Social media, blog, or email newsletter.

You have the good sense to know that semiconductors aren’t trending on TikTok, but don’t know how or where to reach your customers without boring them to death or just promoting yourself.

The challenge: Figure out where to find future customers, current customers, and their customers online. Produce high-value content that solves their problems and you’ll build trust and a reputation for generosity.

Your brand is missing its voice.

Your marketing team or in-house designers have done a great job on your website, brand colors, and logo. Maybe you have an email newsletter and a robust social media following. Congrats!

Challenge: Your customers aren’t sure of your brand’s personality. Even if your brand takes pride in being traditional, dependable, and authoritative, that’s a personality! Develop universal guidelines for how you show-up, both in substance and tone.

What clients have to say

“I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hand off a project to Amy. I know it’ll be done on-time and with a minimum of revisions.”


“Amy takes the time to understand complex topics and cares about the audiences she creates for, which comes out in the content she produces.”


“Our brand voice is unique and pretty recognizable. We have several copywriters working on it, and Amy nails it every time.”


Let’s work together on your next project.

For over 15 years, I’ve worked with businesses, non-profits, trade associations, consultants, and online retailers to provide technical writing, content creation, and brand voice. Projects include white papers, user documentation, proposals, marketing plans, and case studies.

Even with technically clear documentation, it can be a challenge to connect with the human on the other side. When we work together on content creation or clarifying your brand voice, you get the benefit of my first-hand experience and experimentation as a business owner and founder. I’ve co-owned two businesses in the fitness and music industries and more recently co-founded a software and services co-op.

Guided by an insatiable natural curiosity for how things work, my goal is to distill and clarify your message so it reaches the hearts and minds of your ideal customer.

Getting started

1. Schedule a call

This 15 minute call is the time to pitch me your project, including an overview and general scope, along with your expectations for working together. We’ll decide together if we want to move forward to the proposal stage.

2. Review the project plan

You’ll complete a brief survey about your project, then I’ll email you a proposal. It’s a pretty standard proposal, which aligns us on deliverables, scope, milestones, deadlines, and rates.

3. Delight in discovery

After the proposal is signed, I get to work. Depending on the project, we may collaborate or I’ll need access to team members, but in many cases, the next time you’ll hear from me is at milestones.

Portfolio: Technical Writing, Content Creation, and Brand Voice

Coming soon. Get in touch to request work samples.